God is Our Refuge

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  (Psalms 46:1)

    We face many disappointments, trials, problems, and obstacles in our lives. Things don’t always go the way we plan. Sicknesses, injuries, and pains plague our bodies and eventually we die. The local, national, and world news leaves us reeling in wonder on how God tolerates all the evil around us (and we wonder how we will get through it). To where and to whom can we run for help? . . . God is our refuge!


    Some trust in money. They are like the rich man Jesus called a fool because he had lots of goods laid up for his future, but was not rich toward God (Luke 12:20,21). We all want to have financial security. We want to protect our identity. We put locks on our doors and password protect our accounts to keep what we have, even though these things will someday be gone.


    Some trust in family. They rely on these blood relations to make sure they retain their sense of belonging. Yet family members sometimes let us down. Parents and children, brothers and sisters, often disappoint each other. Jesus even calls upon us to put Him first, above our family members. When we do, we find out that we are better people, not worse.


    Some trust in fate. They get caught up in some of the philosophies of this age or even some of the false religions of the pagans around us. We must not forget that we are not the product of blind chance. Nor are not the subject of impersonal karma. We have a God who helps His people, who punishes evil, and who provides redemption and deliverance for those who come to Him in faith and obedience to His brilliant and divine will.


    Some trust in themselves. Their attitude is that they are the masters of their lives. They think that their own opinions and judgments are sufficient and that they don’t need God, worship, the Bible, prayer, the Church, or religion. They would rather just try to get themselves to Heaven on their merits or take whatever consequences come from things they do wrong. (They do not realize that they cannot save themselves, and that Hell is much worse than they estimate it to be.)


    God has demonstrated His mighty power and glory from the creation until now. He created us and loves us so much that He was willing to pay the greatest price ever paid to bring us back when our sin had taken us from Him. Jesus came to show us the Father who is powerful, righteous, and merciful. When we trust Him and study His holy word, we learn
of His loving will to guide our lives. We realize our need for God and develop appreciation for all He has done. God is still mighty and still working in our world today. Those who trust and obey Him have His help through every time of trouble.