2/3/19 - Trust in the Lord

“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”  (Psalms 18:2)


        In this psalm of David, he praises God and recommits himself to loving and trusting God.  None of us knows what our earthly future holds.  None of us has the power to control the events around us.  Is our future bleak?  Is there anyone or anything we can trust.  Indeed there is. . . Trust in God!


            People often put their trust in the wrong things, such as:

            Military might and the security of might (Psalms 20:7; Isaiah 31:1)

            Wealth and riches (Psalms 49:6;  Mark 10:24)

            “Oppression” (ability to bully others into what they want) (Psalms 62:10)

            Lies:  Their own (Jeremiah 7:4,8) or the lies of others (Jeremiah 28:15; 29:31)

            Human leaders and even friends (Psalms 118:8,9; 146:3; Micah 7:5)

            Idols (Isaiah 42:17)

            Physical beauty (Ezekiel 16:15)

            One’s own righteousness (Ezekiel 33:13; Philippians 3:4)


         All of these can fail us and probably will.  Possessions can be gone in a moment’s time.  People disappoint us or seek our harm.  Our own youth and beauty is fleeting.  Even our personal attempts to be righteous fail time and time again.


         But when we trust in the Lord, we put our confidence and care in the hand of the One who cannot fail.  He has proven true to His word and is altogether righteous.  He has all power to deliver us from our enemies and what oppression we encounter.  God is the rightful owner of all and will supply our needs if we ask.  (He usually blesses us with much more besides.)


         Like little children who balk at help and scream, “I want to do it myself,” we often resist the loving hand of God to help us with our daily bread, our struggles against temptations, and our need to be productive for Him.  When we put our trust in Him, and let go of our pride, He does more with us than we could ever accomplish alone.


         Trust in the Lord for His protection, provision, and productivity.  When we do, we learn that the worries of this life fly away and we are left with an unceasing joy.  It is a good life that we have when our trust is in the Lord, and not in men, riches, luck, fate, youth, fame, beauty, or our own righteousness.  Praise the Lord.